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2029304248 ATS Aurora 3000 Turbo System for LB7 Duramax

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2029304248 ATS Aurora 3000 Turbo System for LB7 Duramax

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ATS Aurora 3000 Turbo System 2001 - Early 04 GM 6.6L LB7 Duramax


The ATS Aurora 3000 Turbo Charger is a perfect choice for power levels of 525 Rear Wheel Horse Power. If you are thinking about, or have already added a power module to your truck this is the perfect turbo to control the extreme exhaust temperatures-EGT'S, that the additional fuel causes. The ATS Aurora 3000 Upgraded Turbo Charger provides quick response with fantastic midrange torque and a nice top end power level. Matching a Turbo Charger can be difficult; the ATS Aurora 3000 makes the choice very easy due to its wide compressor map. If you are looking for a turbo charger that will keep up with increased amounts of fuel you don't have to look any farther, the Aurora 3000 turbine section reduces back pressure and has a huge compressor housing providing massive air volume.

Aurora turbo systems Aurora 3000
Inducer 2.250 57.17
Exducer 3.301 83.86
Inducer 2.89 73.44
Exducer 2.21 63.75

The number one problem with the factory variable vane turbine housing is the extreme redirection that the air must take to strike the turbine wheel. When the exhaust is forced to change directions in such a radical way there is a pressure wave that is created. This pressure wave causes heat to build in the exhaust manifold. The ATS Aurora&Turbo Charger Kit relieves the high-pressure restriction created by the factory variable vane turbo charger. The perfectly matched ATS Aurora&Turbo Charger allows the Engine to breathe, producing huge power and low EGT s. Towing extreme loads without the fear of overheating is now possible with the Aurora&3000 Turbo Kit.


  • Quicker spool-up with reduced lag
  • More efficient and useable torque curve
  • Designed for towing and daily driving
  • Safe for stock motor and components
  • Decrease in stress on the motor due to better combustion
  • Reduces turbo "bark" due to ported compressor housing design
  • Great all-around performance gains
  • All ATS Aurora Turbo Chargers have a 3 year 150,000 mile warranty.
NOTE: "Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway"

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