About Us

Lead Foot Diesel Performance

Performance and Aftermarket Parts

We offer a wide variety of performance and aftermarket parts for your vehicle for any application. Most of the products we offer we use ourselves, so we can provide our customers with first hand experience and knowledge of the expected gains from a particular product or combination of products. Whether it's daily driving, towing, drag racing or sled pulling, we have what you need to get the best performance out of your diesel truck. The majority of diesel aftermarket parts we off are for the Ford Powerstoke, GM/Chevrolet Duramax and Dodge Cummins.

Repairs, Service and Maintenance

From engine rebuilds/replacement, minor & major repairs, engine upgrades, maintenance and more, we have the expertise, tools and experience to have your vehicle running the way it should. We perform a diagnostic on every vehicle, provide up front pricing and make recommendations for issues that could pose a problem in the future. All of our services and recommendations for your vehicle are designed to have it performing as it should in a cost effective manner.