LFDP 6.0L Head Gasket Repair Package Deal

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LFDP 6.0L Head Gasket Repair Package Deal

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The 6.0L Ford Powerstroke has some issues, we all know that.
What we specialize in here at Lead Foot Diesel Performance is resolving the underlying issues and giving you a truck that you can drive with peace of mind. Our package deal in...

This is the ultimate 6.0 head gasket package. We tear your truck down to the short block and start from there. We prep the block for gaskets, install new oem gaskets (We will not use cheap black onyx head gaskets, in fact, we refuse to use any head gasket that uses black sealant on the head gasket), arp head studs, machine work to the heads (magnufluxed, pressure tested fuel galleries, surfaced and micro polish the deck and O rings)bulletproof diesel egr cooler, oem updated oil cooler, intake gaskets,exhaust gaskets,stand pipes, upgraded dummy plugs, upgraded turbo drain kit,rocker box gaskets, valve cover gaskets, bulletproof diesel billet water pump, 7.3 fan clutch conversion.

The 6.0L Ford Powerstroke has some issues, we all know that.

What we specialize in here at Lead Foot Diesel Performance is resolving the underlying issues and giving you a truck that you can drive with peace of mind. You will no longer have to worry about blowing a head gasket for no reason, as is common with a stock 6.0

Now keep in mind, if you overheat your engine the gasket needs to still be able to let go in order to prevent more extensive engine damage. If the head gasket was not able to fail during an engine overheat, you would crack pistons, or bend rods. There is a fine line between reinforcing the head gasket too much, and not enough. Over the past 9 years Lead Foot Diesel Performance has figured that out. We have built 6.0L sled pulling trucks and drag racing trucks that make over 900 horse power. Our competition trucks do not blow head gaskets, but we keep a very close eye on fan clutches and water pumps, as those two parts can cause the engine to over heat, if they quit functioning properly.

We will check your fan clutch when we have your truck here for the head gasket repair. If we see the fan clutch is not working 100% we will call and let you know it needs to be replaced. We can either install a new OEM fan clutch from Ford, or if you want to ensure the fan clutch doesn't fail, I would recommend the 7.3L fan clutch conversion from Bullet Proof Diesel.

As far as the water pump goes, there's no way for us or you to monitor it's performance. Generally when they fail you don't know about it until the damage has already been done. When we have your truck apart to do the head gaskets, we will inspect the water pump, if it's good we leave it up to you whether we replace it with an upgraded billet water pump from Bullet Proof Diesel, or we keep the one you have. It is a gamble but we leave that choice up to you, an upgrade is not within everyone's budget.

The oil cooler on the 6.0 is another ticking time bomb that is impossible to keep an eye on. It is buried deep in the valley of the engine and impossible to see without tearing the whole top of the engine apart. You can't fix what you can't see. We do however replace the factory oil cooler with Ford "Upgraded" oil cooler which does use heavier duty cooling fins. If you get in a good habit of having your coolant flushed, this replacement should last for many years to come. Running a coolant filtration kit is not a bad idea either. 

Now if you want to rid yourself of all oil cooler concerns, Bullet Proof Diesel makes an external oil cooler that completely eliminates the possibility of the cooler failing and mixing oil coolant. When oil and coolant mix, it creates a pancake batter like substance in the cooling system, which clogs everything up and will result in an overheated engine. While the Bullet Proof Diesel kit is costly, it is cheap insurance in the long run. If its not in your budget, we understand and we will install a Ford oil cooler, if you want to know more about the Bullet Proof Diesel oil cooler, call Vinny at the shop 770-267-3322

Our package deal includes all parts, labor, sales tax out the door.

This is our basic package deal that includes:


ARP Head Studs:


 ARP Head Studs 6.0L Ford

Ford OEM head gaskets, Rocker Box and Valve Cover Gaskets, Intake Gaskets:

 Injector O Rings and copper washers:

Oil Change and Oil Filter:

 Coolant System Flush and refill:

Machined heads (We also have our cylinder heads pressure tested with heat to ensure there are no cracks in the cylinder head, both in the valve seats and the fuel gallery. Then we have them surfaced flat and micro polished for the best possible sealing surface we can get. We go a step above and beyond at this point and have your cylinder heads O ringed. This process involves cutting a groove in the surface of the head right around the cylinder opening. A piece of piano wire is then pressed into the groove and protrudes seven thousandths of an inch, enough to double the clamping force on the head gasket.)

6.0L O Ringed Cylinder Head

Ford Upgraded Oil Cooler:



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